Knorr KCH Chef Fest

I was invited by Knorr (via Symmetry Digital) to the second event of KCH (Karachi Chefs at Home) held in collaboration with Knorr. KCH is a female only group found and run by Saba Mohsin Shaikh, where more than 40,000 women benefit from each others' expertise in the kitchen. It is a host to multiple … Continue reading Knorr KCH Chef Fest


Karachi Eat Food Festival 2018

I have never been to Karachi Eat Food Festival before, even though this was the 5th anniversary of the event. Every year I just read reviews and saw photos and was just thankful that I wasn't there in that crowd. I am not a fan of crowds. Also, this huge quantity of food tends to … Continue reading Karachi Eat Food Festival 2018