O Des Se Aane Wale Bata

"Home is where the sense of freedom awaits you with open arms; Home is that whose every corner recognises your being and existence; Whose every aspect, in all its detail, dispels the feeling of being a stranger – in fact, evokes love" - Home 1947 Home 1947 is a sensory exhibition that has come to … Continue reading O Des Se Aane Wale Bata


Insolence is the new cool

Gone are the days when children were taught manners and basic respect for other people, be it anyone. The new cool is celebrating insolence, and seeing that it is properly rewarded. Case at hand, the new series of ads perpetuating impertinence under the guise of harmless mischief. Exhibit #1: The new Peak Freans Rio Ads. Tagline: … Continue reading Insolence is the new cool