Bread Basket class at MasterClass Pakistan

I have always liked the idea of baking my own bread at home. The idea of the aroma of freshly baked bread filling the home is so appealing.

I made multiple tries, but I never was satisfied with the result. The texture of the bread was always wrong. So when I saw this bread making class at MasterClass Pakistan, I decided to go to the class and learn the secrets of making a rich and wonderful bread at home.

MasterClass Pakistan is a new culinary institute on the block, located in Gulshan Iqbal, Karachi. It is a one of its kind setup in Pakistan. They arrange one day classes, providing the attendees the opportunity to make the recipes themselves under the guidance of professional chefs in a professionally designed, air-conditioned kitchen studio. It means the attendees get to see what to do when things go wrong when following a recipe as the chef is always there through out the duration of the class. They also provide the best equipment to work with. So despite being the proud owner of the Kenwood Chef, I loved working with KitchenAid at the kitchen studio.

The bread basket class had twelve participants, each one assigned their own working counter with the required ingredients, utensils, oven , stoves, hot plate, sink, apron and the KitchenAid mixer. We learnt to make Chicken Bread, Burger Buns, Focaccia, French Baguette, Multigrain bread, and German walnut bread in the class. We mixed our own dough right then and there. Chef Mehdi , as the instructor of the class, went to each counter to see the texture and to guide how to handle it. At one time, my dough did become a little more sticky than it was required, and Chef guided me how to bring it back to its desired texture.

The 6 hour long class costed Rs.7,000/-. It might seem a huge investment considering there are other institutes providing cooking classes at as low as Rs.500/-. But the greatest difference between them and MasterClass Pakistan is the hands on experience. Other classes are usually demonstrations, this one was a complete practice workshop in a studio that looks like a mini, desi version of the MasterChef kitchen.

The class was totally worth the amount. I could find bread recipes all over the internet. I also own a couple of bread making books. But the hands on experience taught me tips and tricks that cannot be verbalized in words. And the best part, at the end of the day, all the bread that we made there, we took it home to impress our families too.

For my family, this is a huge amount of bread, so I did a lot of things with them. I tried them toasted. I made burgers out of the buns. and I also made French Toasts with the Multigrain bread and the French Baguette.

I am looking forward to other sessions of my interest. Do checkout MasterClass Pakistan’s facebook page for their upcoming sessions.


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