Handmade woven cushion covers

This Eid, when my table was adorned with many things I made, my drawing room was decorated with these beauties I made. Woven cushion covers are by no means my own idea. It is a Pinterest inspiration. I had some leftover fabric at hand, and I love to do a good DIY, and I like to stitch, therefore I took upon this interesting project.

When I started the project, I wanted to do a full set of cushion covers, that is 4. But I realized I didn’t have enough fabric, so I did it for two cushions, which are placed on a pair of chairs in my home. The chairs are also woven style, so the cushions went well with them.

I started with 2.5 yards long strip of fabric. I wanted a 15 by 15 cushion, so I decided to have 15 1-inch strips. I chose 5 colors and cut 2.5 inch strips out of all 5 , folded them lengthwise and stitched the whole length to make a 2.5 yard long 1 inch strip.

All strips stitched and set aside

Then I cut each strip into 6 pieces of 16 inch length, 3 for horizontal direction and 3 for vertical direction, turned them inside out and pressed them so that the sewing will be centered on the downside. I cut them into 16 inch pieces to allow seam allowances so that the end cover is 15 by 15.

Strips cut and pressed

The next step was to arrange strips on a 16 by 16 square of fabric. I did this with pins first and then Stitched it, so that strips don’t move around. I made sure to place the first strip , a quarter of inch inside from the corner. This will ensure easy placement for the strips in the other direction, and seam allowance for the final stitching of the cushion.

Strips placed and pinned on fabric

Once stitched in this position, time came to arrange the strips in the other direction. Which is easy, and cathartic. Turn out every alternate strip, place one strip on the left of the strips, and turn back the one previously folded over. Now fold over the ones that weren’t turned before.

The actual weaving of the cushion cover

Doesn’t it look pretty? This is the part which makes this a woven cover. At this step, I discovered I could do a lot of color combinations. For this project, I chose to do a set of 5 colors repeated thrice, I could also have chosen 6 colors, 3 for one side, and 3 for the other side, which would create a different pattern. This is what I would suggest you to do. And show me how it looks. Please ? Pretty please? 😀

Just because it looks pretty

Now that strips are woven and they look pretty, stitch on all sides to secure all the strips. Complete the cushion cover by stitching the back side. You can do a zippered back, or doubled back so that you don’t need a zipper. I did a doubled back, because I didn’t have time for a zipper.

Complete cushion cover

This whole project took me 2 days. The longest task was making the strips and turning them over. After that the task that took time was the weaving pattern. It is a pretty rewarding project to do. What is your favorite DIY?



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