TwoDots – My latest addiction

What do you do with a smartphone when you are bored and have checked Facebook for the umpteenth time, updated your Twitter, posted a photo on Instagram? Play games, that’s what you do. And you , who doesn’t do that, you are missing out on the fun.

I have been and still am an avid Candy Crush player (crossed 2186 levels so far). But a girl needs more than that, specially when Candy Crush lives are all used up. A girl needs another game. And that game for this girl is TwoDots. It is a puzzle game available for free for Android and iTunes. Till today, the description of the game boasts of 960 levels.



The board consists of series of colored dots. The shape and board design changes every level. The game is divided into different interesting worlds, comprising of 10 or more levels. Each world has a different theme, ranging from under the oceans to top of the mountains. The themes are intriguing and whimsical with their own dedicated animations.


Each level has a specific task to be completed in limited moves. This task changes with worlds and levels. And there can also be a combination of tasks. The board it self is light on the eyes, and has a calming effect. The game starts with five lives. Each life regenerates in 20 minutes, or can be purchased for 99 cents or equivalent Pakistani rupees.

There is a color blind mode, where symbols are placed on the dots. This game does not exclude the people who have any trouble recognizing colors.

How to Play

Playing TwoDots is easy. Connecting similar colored dots removes the connected dots from the board. Each level gives a target of collecting certain colored dots, or certain kinds of dots. Till now I have encountered the anchor dots and the ice blocks and am anticipating more in future levels.


Dots have to be connected in a continuous line in horizontal and vertical directions, but they can’t be connected diagonally. Make a square of same colored dots to clear that color from the whole board. A larger square can convert the dot in the middle into a bomb and clear the dots adjacent to it in all directions.

There are clear dots which can be combined with any color. A square of clear dots clears the whole board, but that is a tricky move. Once you have started playing you can plan the next move before playing the current move, specially when trying to make a square. Clearing the whole board brings a whole new set of dots, which are random and make the game more difficult. I personally like to play the clear square (if available) on the last move to complete the last parts of the tasks remaining.

Daily Prizes

There are daily mystery prizes, hidden behind doors. The doors open once to show you what is behind them, then the doors are closed and shuffled before you get to choose one. One of the doors has the best prize for the day, so you can imagine the anticipation of choosing the right door, and the agony of choosing the wrong one.



There are different power ups. A rubber helps remove one dot of your choice from the board. The are color bombs that paint the whole board in one color. A shuffler shuffles the dots. These are the ones I have found till now. Usually, there is no need to use boosters, but they are helpful as a last resort when multiple attempts at a level are unsuccessful.



The game can be connected to Facebook, but it isn’t available to play on laptop. It initially was, but the developers reached the conclusion that the web version could not deliver the ultimate game experience like a smartphone version. Therefore it is available for smartphones only.

Final Word

This game is entertaining and addicting. It is intellectually stimulating, and once you get into the groove, it is hours of fun. I am totally hooked on this game. If you haven’t yet experienced it, give it a try for some stimulating yet soothing fun.


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