Blog revamped


This blog was previously running as Periodic Reflections. I started it as a means to keep record of the writings I submitted as assignments during my MA in Mass Communication. I, being me, don’t like keeping paper records, and throw away all the notes and extra papers as soon as results are announced. These were the write-ups that my teachers really liked and appreciated, and I couldn’t think of any other means to keep a record of what I wrote (insert narcissism). Hence this blog was created.

Over the years, as my interests diversified, this blog took some semblance of a lifestyle blog. The name Periodic Reflections was pretty heavy. I made the header , Facebook page cover and the Facebook page profile images myself for Periodic Reflections. From the name to the designs, everything was pretty basic and boring.

Now that I have organized the blog, come up with some focus areas, the blog had to be revamped. I wanted the blog to be a companion to the reader. Something that the reader wants to read and enjoy. It needs to be light-hearted, but it also needs to have enough room to touch some tricky and serious issues. Thus the name change to  “Coffee and the Bean Bag”.

A bean bag resembles something warm and cosy, leisurely, but does not lead to laziness. A cup of coffee on the side table, something to read in hands pairs pretty well with a bean bag. And that is what this blog is; companion for you coffee.

The header for the blog is designed by Tanzeel-ur-Rehman. I pestered him a lot with font options and gave very specific directions to what I wanted. He made this very beautiful header image and delivered much more than what I expected.

So this blog now has a new name, new look and a new plan for the future. Stay tuned!


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