Karachi Book Bazaar

Karachi Book Bazaar is an initiative by Liberty Books. It is a small book fair held in the basement of the Liberty books outlet in Clifton, Karachi. It is held almost every week, with a number of books priced very low, as low as Rs. 100. Liberty Books place a selection of books for avid book readers to choose from. There are books from all kinds of genres such as fiction, self-help, history, biographies etc.


This week the number of books has been increased, and some very recent books like “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” are presented at a low cost in the book bazaar. These books are called book gems; books which are as good as new (classified as such because of minor defects, mostly resulting from transportation). I went over today to visit, and found a couple of books interesting. One of them is a political research based book, about Middle Eastern media and women. The other is crime thriller.

This book fair is a heaven for book lovers. In a city like Karachi, where quality books are a hard find, and book fairs are sparse, Liberty Books has taken the right step. As a teacher, my biggest pet peeve is that students do not have a reading habit. Book fairs such as Karachi Book Bazaar is one way of steering students towards reading, loving and cherishing books.


The best thing about Liberty Books outlets is the warmth they exude. They are very welcoming and colorful. Isn’t that wall super cute? I would buy a book just to go past that wall.

Have you been to the Karachi Book Bazaar yet? Share your experience and the books you got. Happy Reading!!!



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