Another day, another tragedy – PK661

The last time I wrote about a tragedy was when I lost a cousin on the Bhoja plane crash on 20th April, 2012. Then occasionally I would write it. Then I stopped writing about it, but still wished deep down inside the incident hadn’t happened.

Four and half years later, 7th December 2016, another plane crashed. Another 48 families are going through the pain my family went through in 2012. A plane crash is hard to understand. I have seen deaths due to an accident, disease or even murder of people very close to me. Each death is painful, and leaves a hole in the heart that nothing else can fill. But the agony of a plane crash death cannot be explained in words.

Media will have a field day trying to capitalize on the grief. They will remind people of every loss that has been, and that could be. Details not necessarily for the masses will be shared. The condition of bodies, the crashed plane, the constant fight for ratings. Families will be pestered for comment. You do realize it is hard to hear that a plane is burning and it is difficult to recognize the bodies in an emotionless tone being screamed by an anchorperson.

There will be memories, sad ones and good ones of the people lost. And every time their name comes up there will be tears and smiles. There will be facebook profiles with no new content from the poster; twitter handles not active anymore; instagram profiles with no new pictures; snapchat IDs with no new snaps. All these profiles will be visited numerous times. Occassionally they will popup in Facebook memories. But there won’t be any content from them. There will be messages of love and prayers for them from their friends and there won’t be answers. They will be missed in happy times and in sad times. Most of all they will be remembered and cherished.

PK661 isn’t only 48 families devastated. It is also 127 families of the Bhoja plane crash victims and 152 families of Air Blue plane crash victims reliving their tragedies, empathizing with PIA crash victims’ families and friends, truly understanding their pain, and standing with them in these times of loss. It is now more than 200 families wishing these days never happened.

A plane crash is hard to fathom, and one never gets over the process of denial, hope, helplessness and then finally realization. My heart goes out to the victims and their families in this time of loss. May Allah make it easier for them to accept their loss, and give them sabr to bear this loss; a loss that can never be overcome.


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