Novella: Pressing all the right buttons


Candyland Novella is a fairly new entrant in the chocolate town and has been giving a fair competition to the existing chocolate brands in the market. Novella ads press all the right buttons when it comes to emotions. Their first ad celebrated the love of a young couple, with the husband having no time left from his work and the wife expressing her cute complaints in a short poem. The wife expects some attention from her husband, but he is too busy earning some dosh. The wife makes him realize that it is his time and attention she craves for, reminiscing all the moments in the day when she wants to talk to him for a moment but he just was too pre-occupied with the office problems.

Then came the second with “Mere baba dunya ke sab se achay baba hain” (loved , coz mere baba dunya ke sab se achay baba hain :D). This ad celebrated the beautiful bond of a daughter with her father. Like every daughter, she idolizes her father and feels sad when he doesn’t have time for her because…work. She notices that he forgets to have dinner because of work. She sympathizes with the father for having to work that hard. She misses his attention, but understands his obligations. Despite the compassion for the dad’s predicament,  she feels a little sad when she doesn’t get to spend time with her father. Every daughter can relate with the child in this ad, because har baiti ke baba dunya ke sab se achay baba hotay hain na. *sniff*

And now comes  yet another emotional ad. This time it is the bond of a mother and son. The son waits the whole day in school to reward his mother for the full marks he got in the class test. Isn’t that cute? Novella does this right too, because everyone knows “baitay ammion ke hotay hain, baitian babaon ki hoti hain :)”  (mother love sons more, dads love their daughters more). And sons can see themselves in this one, because mothers pamper their sons like crazy in desiland. This one highlights the importance of a mother too. Generally mothers are not rewarded for their 24/7 efforts around the home. This ad doesn’t just highlight the role, it tells every child to be mindful of not just knowing the effort, but also acknowledging and praising the pains she goes through to keep the family happy and comfortable.

Each and every relation comes closer with Novella. The wife expresses her love for the hardworking husband with Novells, the daughter gets her dad’s attention with Novella, and the son rewards his mum with Novella. Novella reminds every relation the importance of being there, and rekindles the bond between them. The best part is, Novella doesn’t overpower the emotion, it compliments it, enhances it, elevates it, but does not get ignored in the process.

Novella uses the scenes from a typical middle class family. The husband/dad works too hard, often coming home late from the office. He misses a lot of sweet moments with his family because he wants to provide the best life to his family. The mother spends time with her children, helping them in their studies and generally taking care of the needs of her children. The children cherish their parents for being there, for going through life struggles for them. Keep it up, Novella.


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