Musings: Book subscription boxes

Subscription boxes are pretty popular in the international scene. From cosmetics to healthy eating, all kinds of subscription services are available. I have been following quite a few on social media, because, well that’s all I can do from this part of the world. Most services don’t deliver to Pakistan. The one or two that do, have exorbitant shipping charges. So, there I was, looking at those pretty pictures and videos and being jealous of everyone who could subscribe and get monthly goodies in their mailbox.

One of them was OwlCrate, which is book subscription box, and sends out one box in a month including one young adult novel and some accessories related to the book. SO droolworthy, but they don’t deliver to Desi-land.

And then I stumbled upon TheBookShook  on Instagram. It was a Pakistani book subscription service. I immediately subscribed to receive the August box. It cost me Rs.2000/- and I received the following box. It had “The Problem with Forever” , a handmade soap, candles, a bookmark, a printed piece of artwork and an IconPop T-shirt (least liked item in box). Pretty good value for 2k.


While I waited to receive TheBookShook book box, I actively sought other such services and found OwlPost, again on Instagram. It is also worth Rs. 1999/-, so I subscribed to it for the month of September. This is what I got from OwlPost. It included “It ends with us”, a book mark, a planner, some bunting, some stickers, a piece of writing and a customized cushion cover (the best thing in the box)


I liked the OwlPost box more than TheBookShook one, but then I experienced them for one month each, so that is not definitive. At Rs. 2000/- , both are good value for money, considering the novels are pretty recent, and there are 5 – 6 extra items in the box. Both services had the same novel in both months. The accessories were different in both. Both had “The problem with forever” in August and “It ends with us” in September.

OwlPost has a website where you can subscribe to the service, while you can contact TheBookShook on Facebook or Instagram to subscribe. TheBookShook box was  white box with their logo , while the OwlPost box is somewhat similar to OwlCrate. Both services originate from Lahore. Both are pretty good.

I would be subscribing again when the theme reflects mystery thriller because that is what I love most 🙂 .



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