The 2016 Meezan Song

What is with cooking oils and the singing dancing ads, that don’t make sense? Meezan comes again with an ad, where everyone gets high on Meezan cooking oil with their tagline “Har cheez meezan main achi lagti hai“. This line has been with Meezan since long, maybe 7, 8 years.


The first time I heard this line was when I was a studying Mass Communication, some 8 years ago, and this line came under discussion. Meezan had come up with a fast track for their ad, where everyone was dancing their heads off to the line “Har cheez meezan main achi lagti hai“. As my teacher aptly put it – “Har cheez meezan main hilnay lagti hai“.

Anyways talking about this ad, it starts celebrating our innate desire of not working and taking days off. Yes, I am guilty too of enjoying the public holidays, especially the ones suddenly announced. But I also know they are disruptive for work and mess up long term plans. For a nation that constantly whines about not being developed enough and advanced enough, we need to rethink our priorities. As a teacher, I teach my students that advertisements can be trend followers and trend setters. For a brand like Meezan, I would have liked if they chose not to reinforce the trend. It would have been one positive point.

The tune is a change from the previous. After Tarang, Meezan switched to a slightly softer tune, and slower movements. It would have been a change for good, if the whole thing made some sense. The ad has four parts. Starts with the sudden public holiday celebration. The mom knew about the “aam tateel” before it was announced on news, at least two days before it was actually made public. That is the only explanation for the elaborate breakfast and her being dolled up early in the morning.

Moving on to the second part. What is the link between “joray ki silai” and “potay ki awaz aai” except that the two lines rhyme? And a sudden leap to something frying? Did I miss something there? I understand tangents from the maths class from this part of the ad.

The third part is the sanest part of the advertisement. A forgotten birthday, the first salary, there is some relation between the ideas.

The fourth part whirls the mind again. Sixer, mixer? Did the copywriter open a dictionary, copied rhyming words, and adjusted sentences around them? Did (s)he not sleep well the night before (s)he wrote this ad? Atleast Meezan is consistent, albeit in making poor advertisement decisions.


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