Tarang strikes again with desi Cinderella

Tarang is back with a new ad. This time the fairy tale is Cinderella, the characters drop in straight from the set the set of Disney Khoobsurat.

Tarang has always been about “in your face” Lollywood style; the loud colors, the dhoom dharakka, the typical filmi dances, the upbeat dance songs, the lavish sets, the hawailis. They used Lollywood actors like Shan, Moammar Rana, Meera, Reema, Imaan Ali in their ads. If Tarang talked romance, it took folk tales like sohni mahiwal to Tarang heights. When Tarang talked about many people enjoying tea, it used choreographed dance routines. The Tarang packaging went hand in hand with the communication.According to quite a few people related to Tarang, this has a strong connection with the target audience.

Suddenly Tarang takes a 180 degree turn and goes all sophisticated on their TA. The current ad is soft. The only loud color is Fawad Khan in red. The song is too soft. The dance is way too personal and romantic and so not desi. Cinderella is a foreign fairy tale. Fawad Khan and Sonam Kapoor are not Lollywood. With all the muted colors on the set, the Tarang packaging looks way out of line and gaudy when it comes on screen. The only saving grace is lyrics never made sense in a Tarang TVC, they still don’t.

My verdict – It alienates the TA. It isn’t Tarang enough.


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