Shop Till You Drop: Some Oriflame care for lips

In the past couple of weeks, I have been a shopaholic. I have bought quite a few cosmetic products. Some of them being Oriflame. A colleague suggested they are good, and hence I bought some low cost lipsticks from Oriflame.

These are Pure Color Intense Lipsticks. I bought them in shades Warm Rust, Lovely Lilac and Daring Berry. These are on discount for the duration of October 2015 – December 2015, costing merely Rs239/- instead of the regular Rs.299/- (hence bought 3 at a time).

Daring Berry, Lovely Lilac, Warm Rust
Daring Berry, Lovely Lilac, Warm Rust

These lippies are 2.5 gms each, which is small compard to others which are more than 4 gms, but given that I never have completely used up any lipstick in my life, I think this size is pretty good. I hope to finish these.

The Oriflame Pure Colour Intense lipsticks come in a full black packaging which actually pretty elegant. If you remember old Oriflame packaging which looked and was pretty cheap, this one is much better and far more luxurious looking.

Warm rust is my favorite color, and it is just like its name; a nice warm rust color. This is a pretty fall color and can be used with all kinds of dresses. Lovely Lilac is purpleish gray color. Daring Berry is a very rich and deep pink color which is quite loud for work. I pair it with Luscious lipgloss in Cranberry Pink to tone don the color a bit and make work friendly.

The name Pure Colour Intense suggests that these might be highly pigmented. They aren’t. They are sheer, and do not have a long wear time. They wear out in a couple of hours, so if you wish to wear them for the whole day, then you have to touch up every two hours to keep it looking fresh.

The good thing, these are so rich and hdrating on the lips, they actually are a good choice for dry winters. They sooth chapped lips. I like the way they feel on the lips, and use them to keep my lips hydrated throughout the day.

I am pretty happy with the purchase, and at this low a price point, they are quite good. I would love them even more if they were a bit more pigmented.


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