DIY: Revamping the IKEA trolley

This is my first serious DIY project, that I did not only think of, but also carried out to the end, with help from my dad. And this is a pretty image heavy post.

It started with a plain white tea trolley from IKEA, which we have had for ages. I don’t even have the IKEA name for this piece. It was basic with two shelves and a metal handle, and small black wheels, pretty handy when the guests come over and you don’t want to move a large table for presenting tea to them.


For some reason, over the years, we had stopped using it, and it was stashed away in the store, reminding us of its presenc, but never giving a strong enough reminder. Seeing multiple pretty IKEA hacks on Pinterest (isn’t it cool pastime?) , I decided to revamp it, glamorize it and use it as a living room prop.

I chose a simply black and white pattern, that would be easy to pain, and would go well with my living room. I chose to give it a bit of glamour with golden. I had to rely on the stuff available in the market, as many types of paints are not easily available here. A break down of what I did to the trolley is coming up next.

First, I disassembled it. I love IKEA because furniture is pretty easy to assemble, disassemble and reassemble. The only problem is, it isn’t made to be disassembled a number of times.

After disassembling, I cover the wheels with a piece of plastic, spray painted the white handles golden.


After that came the step to repaint the shelves. I repainted because the white becomes dirty after some time. This step took quite a few attempts. In the first attempt I got bubbles as the paint dried. Enter my dad, he sanded of the paint and helped me repaint them. The second attempt was better.


I used multiple options to paint the shelves. I tried with a brush, but it was leaving lines. I choose cotton waste, which is a collection of waste thread but that wasn’t providing proper coverage. I also used cotton balls, they left cotton residue with the paint. My last option was using a piece of sponge, and that gave the best results.


I always wore gloves when painting, to safegaurd my hands. These are just my gloves drying off between coats.


After painting and thoroughly drying the shelves came the most important step – the design. I want to do a full fledged chevron, but then decided to go with a simpler chevron inspired design. Applying masking tape was tedious as it involved lots of measurements and lack of a proper ruler. I lost my ruler somewhere in the house and had to work without it.


Spray painting is fun. Here is the shelf all sprayed black and drying. I think spray painting is cathartic. And sometimes, one can get a teeny weeny bit carried away with spraying.


And this is the final result. After removing the tapes I sprayed some transparent lacquer spray to bring some shine and to protect the paint layers.

Tapes removed, trolley assembled, ready to be put in its place. Doesn’t it look pretty and glamorous?


The before and after of the project.


It turned out better than I had expected. It is my first attempt at renovating a piece of furniture. I had lots of doubts in the beginning but as the project neared the final stages, it became exciting to work on it.

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