PTCL ‘s “Winter is coming” – Lack of research and common sense…

Have you seen PTCL’s “Winter is coming” ad? Yes? Read ahead. No? Let me attach it for you

The web banner from PTCL’s website


Did you notice the font of “Winter is coming” , specially the “O”? Did you see the dragons? Do you see that grave marker in the web banner? Any “Game of Thrones” readers or viewers out there?

Let’s dive a bit into the “Winter is coming” line. According to Game of thrones wiki page the line “Winter is coming” is a deep statement used by Starks that signifies warning and constant vigilance. It means that hard times are about to hit. “According to George R.R. Martin, it more generally expresses the sentiment that there are always dark periods in each of our lives, and even if things are good now (“summer”), we must always be ready for a dark period when events turn against us (“winter”). ” (Games of thrones wiki page).

Now coming to the PTCL ad and everything that is wrong about it.

  1. “Winter is coming” is part of popular culture having a specific meaning. It is used as warning and not to give glad tidings. What exactly was PTCL thinking when they approved this ad to inform consumers about something good like discounts?
  2. When is a graveyard a scene to give good news?
  3. The background with horses and mist and snow and mountains are pretty gloomy.
  4. The dragons at the end. If you have read the book or watched the series, you will know that Daenerys owned the dragons and wanted to reclaim the Iron Throne.
  5. The whole “Game of Thrones” reference. Game of Thrones is about war and bad times and has quite a bit of violence going on. There are conspiracies between characters. There is blood and gore. Nothing happy. Everything bad.

SO what is PTCL trying to say? “Winter is coming” for whom? The consumers? PTCL? Someone else?

Who is the dragon? Consumers? PTCL? Someone else?

What are hashtags “dragon” and “fire” contributing to PTCL’s campaign?

This ad is a pure case of incomplete research, misunderstanding popular culture, and a hasty production. If only the decision makers had spent a little time even trying to learn about the reference they were making to the popular book and television series, they would not have made this mistake. My verdict – that’s embarrassing.


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