Musings: Mother’s Day in Pakistan

There is a huge debate on whether to celebrate or not to celebrate Mother’s Day. While there are proponents of both sides, the number of people who do celebrate are increasing year after year. While I personally find this event to be commercial, UC Browser used this as an opportunity to conduct a survey regarding the emotions and activities for this event. Sharing the results on their request.

A survey conducted by UC Browser regarding Mother’s Day in Pakistan revealed some interesting results. A whopping 42.1 % people have never celebrated Mother’s Day, even thought they might believe in the importance of this day. The youngsters of age upto 25 years are more active in the celebrations, finding ways to wish their mothers on this day. It is hard to find the perfect gift for a mother; 32% of the respondents resorted to buying flowers, while almost 25 % relied on jewelry and 29% on clothes to express their love for their mothers.

People emphasizing the importanc eof Mother’s Day also agreed to the fact that Father’s Day wasn’t given equal importance. At least 57% people lean more towards Mother’s Day than Father’s Day.


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