Prince Biscuit Dragon

Lu_Prince_Chocolate_Sandwich_Biscuits_1__33877.1411257874.1280.1280Prince biscuits have always been into cartoon ads, with the Prince character being the protagonist of the story. This time, they chose a young girl who needs courage to do what she wants, that is tame her dragon. Prince is there to encourage her, and the young girl is able to overcome the ferociousness of the dragon, and ride it safely. In her efforts, she makes mistakes and disturbs a couple of people, but is well taught to say sorry. She also impresses a few At the end, Prince is proud of the young girl.

This is one of the few ads which take a girl as a role model instead of a boy. In the clutter of ads with male kids as the main character, Prince stands out on this one account. It shows that a girl can achieve what she likes with courage, and be an impressive character, not because of how she looks, but because of what she achieves. She will face hurdles, and provoke a few in the process, but will stand victorious if she is consistent with her efforts.


On the other hand, the ad talks about dragons, and our traditional fairy tales do not have dragons as a mythical creature. The ad is an adaptation of the French Prince biscuits ad. If the dragon was replaced something much more acceptable in our society, maybe a flying horse (specially for this part of the world), it would resonate much more. Currently it would appeal to those children who are familiar with dragons. Moreover, the whole story reminds one of the movie”How to Train Your Dragon”.

The artwork is okay, similar to previous Prince ads. Same ad is used for the two variants, Chocolate and Chocolate & Strawberry.

Is the ad good? Yes. It has a nice moral to it.

Is it remarkable and memorable? Sadly, no. The artwork isn’t new or exceptional. The dragon is not a part of our culture.

*This analysis is a solicited review. Views are all my own.


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