Memoirs: Kaise Kaise log dil ko jalane aa jate hain Part 2

keep-calm-sorry-i-cant-i-m-a-teacherA new student comes up to discuss some issue. She seems confused, and as a practice we make sure to be a bit lenient and understanding with new students to make them feel comfortable.

Random Student (RS): App Ms. Tooba hain (Are you Ms. Tooba) ?

Me: Yes

RS:  Kia app Mass Comm ki doosri larkyon ko parhati hain (Do you teach other girls of Mass Communication department)?

Me: App ko kia kaam hai (What do you need)?

RS: Nahin, pehle aap batain, phir hi to main kahoon gi (No. First you answer then I will tell)

Me: App batain aap ko kia kaam hai (what do you want)?

RS (confused, and acting strange): Wo mujhe poochna tha ke main Mass Comm ke notes kon si book banaon. Mujhe doosri students ne bataya ke aap batain gi (I wanted to ask where can I make notes for Mass Comm. Other girls told me that you will tell us)

Me: App kis year main hain? (Which year are you in?) Masters 1st years or BS 1st year?

RS: BS 1st year

[As per coursework of BS 1st year, there is only 1 course related to our department for the student.]

Me: App ko jo teacher parha rahi hain wo hi aap ko guide karain gi. Main un ke liye aap ko kese bataon? (The teacher teaching you will guide you. How can I tell you?)

RS: Wo to dant deti hain (She scolds when I ask)

[The teacher in discussion is someone pretty busy with administrative work as she holds 2 designations.]

Me: Unhon ne course intro main bataya hoga. Us ke ilawa lectures ghor se sunain aur samjhain. Main kisi aur teacher ke course main aap ko kuch nahin bata sakti (She must have told the book name in course introduction. Apart from that focus on the class lectures. I can’t tell you anything about someone else’s course)

RS: Yahan jo aur teachers hain, wo bhi Mass Comm parhati hain (DO all these teachers teach Mass comm)

Me (virtual facepalm): Ye sab mass comm department ki teachers hain. Mass Comm department ke 40 courses aur har teacher un main se koi na koi course parhati hai. Sab 1st year ko nahin parhatin. (All these are faculty of Mass Communication department, which has at least 40 courses, and these teachers teach them. Not all of them teach first year.)

RS: App Mass Comm parhati hain? (Do you teach Mass Comm)

[Apparently for her, the one course relevant to our department comprises of the whole department.]

Me (virtual headwall): Nahin main Mass Comm nahin parhati  (No. I don’t teach Mass Comm)

RS: Acha, is ka matlab larkyon me mujhe ghalat aap ke pass bhej dia. Main doosri miss se pooch loon? (Oh. This means the girls misguided me by sending me to you. Should I ask the other teachers)

Me: *facepalm* *headwall* *jumps of the cliff*


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