DIY: Earring storage solution

I have a hard time remembering all the earrings I have because they tend to get mixed up. My earrings were stored plugged on cards and in a little plastic pouch. I needed to take all of them out to find the one I wanted to wear.

This is how my earrings looked before


One box, a paper cutter, a steel scale, a glass table and 20 minutes later, they were more organized and much easier to go through.

I cut out strips from an Tapal green tea box , made tiny holes with safety pin and clipped my earrings on them. Now I just have to pick 3 – 4 cards to see all my collection and determine what to wear. And I don’t even need to turn out the whole box and create a mess. (P.S. I love Tapal green tea boxes because they are just the right size to store jewellery, bangles, stationery, cookie cutters etc.)

This is how my earrings look now


Earrings can be grouped together based on type, color, usage etc. I keep these cards in a plactic pouch too. It keeps the earrings safe from dust. It does not let the earrings tangle, and keeps them away from friction with other earrings.


How do you store your jewellery? Do you have any specific storage ideas that make your life easier?


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