Lifestyle: Room decor for a single woman

I have been thinking of redoing my room. Being a single adult woman, I want my room to reflect my personality and my taste; and the fact that I am not a teenager any more. I spent some time looking for inspiration from various interior decor websites, and I came to realize that room decor for single adults isn’t given much thought.

While there exist elaborate room decor plan for nurseries, toddlers, tweens and teens both girls and boys and those for the married couple, nothing specific exists for the adult single man or woman. There are very few ideas, most of which are for the woman mentally stuck in her early teens, with the ideas being overwhelmingly pink. Some ideas seemed like something put together as an after thought, evident from the fact that they lacked character. Yet others failed to allocate space for a dressing table in the room.

As a working yet single woman, I not only need the basic essentials (bed, wardrobe, dressing table) in my room, I also need a book shelf for my books, a writing/working table for my work needs. I want it to look mature.

With a large number of single people out there, it is high time interior decorators understood their needs and came up with solutions for them.

After scoring lots of websites, the following couple of ideas appealed to my taste, even though they do not fulfill all my dreams.

This is compact, bright and mature. The wardrobe is on the smaller side, I’ll prefer a 3 door one and I hope, like seriously hope that there is a dressing table in the area not covered in this image.

This room is minimalistic, but lacks a writing table and a bookshelf. The wardrobe and let’s suppose that a part of it can be used to store books.



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