Epilogue: The Convocation

The story that started in September 2011, ended in December 2013. I have successfully completed my MBA. Today was the convocation, the very satisfying end of any academic journey. This year marked the 17th convocation of IoBM.

This was the first time I attended any convocation, as convocations at KU usually got delayed and I would already have received my degree.

Forming the procession


The venue today was IoBM convocation ground, beautifully decorated for the event. I started almost on time, given Pakistan and our love of being late, 15 minutes can be overlooked. The student procession was pretty much organized and disciplined. The national anthem was sung by the graduates with the tune creating an amazing atmosphere.

There were addresses by quite a few people, including the progress report by the president and the valedictorian speech by a bachelors graduate. The valedictorian speech was heart warming, and many mothers and some fathers were emotional and teary eyed by the time the speech ended. Every parent was immensely proud of their children sitting there. Mr. Ilahi Bakhsh Soomro (former speaker National Assembly) and Mr. Nisar Khoro (Sindh Senior Minister for Education and Literacy) kept their addresses short. I was surprised that Mr. Nisar Khoro gave such a summarized and educated address. Usually we do not think our politicians have much potential. Mr. Ali Ansari , CEO Engor foods also expressed his views and congratulated the graduating batch.

After all the addresses, the graduates were conferred degrees. Each student was invited on the stage given the degree by either Mr. Ilahi Bakhsh Soomro or Mr. Nisar Khoro. I receivedmine from Mr. Ilahi Bukhsh Soomro. He added a personal touch when he said “Tooba baita, bohot bohot mubarak ho”. This gesture tells how much a person feels part of the ceremony he is invited to. He might not remember the 300+ students he handed over the degrees to, but every graduate will remember that one simple sentence he said when giving the degree.

The convocation ended on time with the mandatory flinging of the caps. Mr. Soomro admonished the graduates on flinging the caps as, in his words, these caps are the graduates honour, and it is not good to fling a person’s honour like that.

The convocation ended on time (the 15 minute delay is negligible). The lunch was again served in an organized manner, and was pretty good and ample.

Now , the less good parts. Parents. Students and parents were requested to be seated in their places so as not to hinder the anyone’s experience, but most of them wanted to be standing right at front to take a gazillion pictures of their son or daughter. IoBM has arranged a whole team of students responsible for taking photographs, but these parents/siblings/husbands/wives/inlaws wanted not one picture, but 100s of picture with every device they had for every moment of the ceremony. This created disturbance.

While we lament on the fact that our nation is not civilized, when it comes to express the civic sense that we crave in others, we feel that we are exempt from expressing the same civic sense. I don’t get the whole idea of having gazillion pictures of one moment or the idea of getting that same picture with every device possible. When an institute has arranged for professional photographs, won’t it be better to get the pictures from them? Because, frankly speaking, both your camera and the professional one are going to capture the same picture.

Anyways, the day came to an end. It was a happy day, and a proud day for me and my parents.


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