TV Talk: “Mann ke moti” – is there any issue left ?


Why are all possible social issues crammed into one drama “Mann ke moti ” telecast from GEO?

The issues to date raised are

1. Illegal immigration
2. Mazloom bahu
3. Second marriage of the wife whose husband illegally migrated and died
4. Zalim Dadi
5. Child labour
6. Loss of a child
7. A mother who can’t control her children
8. An innocent yet rebellious girl being duped by a chalak admi
9. Return of a long lost husband after god knows how many years
10. Inkishaf of the aid husband’s second wife, for God knows what reasons
11. Bullying in schools
12. Resulting psychological stress from bullying
13. Teachers giving inhuman punishments (making kids slap each other to shame them into working hard)
14.  Teachers being insistent that they are right
15. Aamil baba finding a non existent jinn on the said bullied child and insisting on the presence of (black?) magic
16. Difficult teenager

And this is from what I have seen, and I haven’t seen much. Woah.


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