DIY: Decoupage Mug

What do you do when you have had a mug for a long time, and it serves avery special purpose of holding all your pens and pencils? You give it a makeover. This is what I had. A plain cup with some inscription.


This is what I did to it




You need the following things, plus some free time

  • An old magazine (I had an old Reader’s Digest)
  • White german glue
  • Scissors
  • Paint brush


1. Wash the cup thoroughly to remove any dust. Dry it completely.

2. Cut out some strips from the magazine. Use a combination of text and pictures to add more colors

3. With a paint brush , applu the german glue to the strips and stick the strips in any pattern on the mug.

4. Take some glue in a small bowl, and take water which is half in amount to the glue (desi equivalent to modge podge)

5. With a paint brush, apply this concoction all over the mug.

6. Set aside to dry.

Viola. A decoupage mug šŸ˜€


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