Shop Till You Drop : Essence Soft Touch Mousse Foundation


Essence Mousse Foundation

My quest for a light foundation led me to mousse foundations. I bought a BB cream which, while was a good experience, was not what I wanted. I purchased Essence Soft Touch Mousse Foundation for Rs. 790. It looks like coffee mousse, only it is not edible :).

This is the product I was looking for. It is so soft and blends well. It feels so light on the face, does not make me look glammed up. It might not hide the blemishes completely, but it does make the skin look smooth. I set it with Essence compact powder, and I was set to go. This is good for my oily skin as it is matte.

The only issue is that fingers have to be used to take it out, and that means only one person can use it without risking infections from germs. It is alright for me as I don’t have any sisters, but in a household where sisters share cosmetics, this might be a problem.

Do I like it? YES. Will I buy it again? YES. Will I look for other mousse foundation options is more upscale brands? Yes.

Essence Mousse Foundation_1


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