Movie: And then I watched “Waar”

I know it is too late, but even after lots of plans, I could not watch Waar when it was really hyped and everyone was crazy about it. I was so excited to watch it, my excitement built on all the reviews I got from my students (yes all of you, including my then advertising wali class) and my friends. Only one of my friends had a negative comment and that was about the amount violence in the movie. I do not like movies with violence. But, I could just skip the scenes, no?




Then I watched the movie. And I was totally unimpressed. The only thing to be applauded was the computer graphics they used. What exactly was the idea? There was no back story for the characters, and if by chance there was, it was incomplete. Zero character development, no chemistry between the actors, and a very mediocre story with so many loopholes. And why is this movie in that pathetic accented English? Why not Urdu?

How come an Indian agent landed up in Northern Areas? What was his story? Why not target someone high profile? Oh, and that politician has a sudden change of heart and leaves his mistress because he becomes patriotic? Where are Javeria and Ehtisham’s parents? Doesn’t Mujtaba has any other family members to help him cope with his loss?




Why does Javeria who wear practical western clothes throughout the movie decides to don an extremely flowy dress in the last scene, running around in the building looking for a bomb, but giving all the vibes of a damsel in distress?

Waar is extremely over rated. What I see these days is make a movie, take a good looking liberal hero and supporting character, add a bearded terrorist named Mulla something, sprinkle some military babble, and as a touch of patriotism add an Indian agent, show lots of action and you have a successful movie, regardless of the mediocre story build-up.

For me Waar was a waste of time.

Signing off!


One thought on “Movie: And then I watched “Waar”

  1. finally …but lol
    de only point of watching it was, it was a Pakistani movie with good looking faces and lot of patriotism 🙂

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