Shop Till You Drop: Essence BB Cream

I usually do not wear a lot of makeup. I rarely use foundation and all. My go to options are a black kajal pencil applied on the lower lash line and sometimes as a liner or some other neutral color like brown as a liner; and a lipstick to complement my dress. I wear foundation only to weddings. Over the years, the skin does change, and now I sometimes feel the need to use some kind of light weight foundation, specially when I go to work after working late in the night. I need to look bright and awake, but not too dolled up.

Proper face foundation makes me look all ready to go to some formal occasion, which obviously does not help at work. So, I looked for options that would provide light coverage, not making look too glammed up and seem natural and fresh. I had heard about BB creams and matt foundations. I asked around and got the suggestion to opt for a BB cream. Supposedly a BB cream would work well on my oily, acne prone skin.


Essence BB Cream


I did not want to spend a lot on something that I might not end up using, so I chose the Essence BB cream, which I purchased for Rs.790/-. I set my BB cream with Essence compact powder. (Yes, I like essence. )

I tried the BB cream. It was good for the price. It comes in a squeezable plastic tube, which is good for carrying it around and gives control over the amount you want to dispense. It applied smoothly. I chose the color medium, and it went well with my skin tone. I even wore it to work, and apart from making my skin look better, it did not seem anything out of the place. I did not get any weird looks from colleagues :). It lasted for around 4 hours, after which my skin started to become oily. The good thing was , it didn’t make my skin shiny with all the oil it was producing.

Essence BB Cream

The downside is the really nasty smell. It is gross and disgusting. The smell wears off after some time, but it is bad while it lasts. Second, while it didn’t look heavy after application, it felt heavy. I could actually feel something weighing down my face. This weighing down sensation didn’t go away utnil I cleansed off the BB cream and washed my face.

Would I use it? Only till this tube lasts. Would I buy it again? No. I don’t like the smell and the constant heaviness it gives.

Do you have any preferences for BB cream? DO share with me. COmment on the blog, or share on my Facebook page.


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