Musings: *facepalm* moments

I watch local television, and I see these happening, my palm yearns to meet my face and I want to find a wall, to bang my head on.


PTV College

Skipping through channels, I saw the drama “College” being telecast on PTV. Initially I thought it was a comedy play, but it didn’t seem so after a couple of minutes. A college girl sits in class wearing sunglasses and the teacher and class fellows ridicule her. Her friend then steps up, being the oh-so-good friend, tells everyone that the girl being mocked has “Dylexia” (apparently she meant Dyslexia) and that sunglasses help her in reading all the characters that previously weren’t appearing right. WOW. SO much for the doctors trying to encourage learning therapies to dyslexic persons. *facepalm*



Walls CorCornettonetto double chocolate ad. A couple trying to act all cutesy, the guy gets the Cornetto, invites the girl to sit on the bike and moves his bike every time she comes near. Before moving the bike he takes a bite out of the cornetto. The girl is flustered and yet runs after the bike even though it doesn’t happen just once or twice, but at least 4 or 5 times. And not, she doesn’t feel the least bit insulted. The girl gets angry only when the cornetto finishes. And then she is hapy because, OMG, he was just trying to make a heart to show his love, so what if he insulted her a bit? Every girls is dying to get a heart made on sand. Duh. *facepalm*



Walls Kulfa ad, celebrating Choti ki pehli “gol” roti. Choti, apparently, actually is choti, around 8 – 10

Walls Kulfayears old. The emphasis on “gol roti” diminishes all the goodness and the cuteness in the ad. Why does choti have to be reduced to a “gol” roti maker? Why couldn;t she just have been trying to make a roti and come with a world map and still be celebrated? I would have liked it more if everyone celebrated choti’s efforts, not the “gol” roti. All the hard work done at empowering women, making them much more than “gol” roti makers is ground to dust. (And no, I am not against women making rotis, I am just against stressing the need for the roti to be perfectly “gol”). *facepalm*


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