Save the refrigerator please – PEL pleads…

The kids are away. The wife is all dolled up. The husband looks like he just stepped out from high class suiting ad. Enters the anniversary celebration cake, looking all pristine in white. The couple cuts the cake – how sweet – and… everything just goes out of control. What else could ruin an otherwise perfect romantic anniversary celebration than … an uninvited guest? No. Kids back early? No… Keep guessing … Yes, an electric fluctuation.

Every chandelier decides to go haywire and blink, like a ghost haunting an old castle. Everything goes into slow motion, even the sound effects, revealing that the husband is more interested in saving the refrigerator. In his oh so great cause of turning the refrigerator off, he ruins the cake, the décor, breaks some cutlery, steps on toys, oblivious to all the destruction he is causing, not to mention the smearing of cake on the wife’s face ruining her makeup. Despite all the havoc he has wreaked, he does manage to save his refrigerator.

All this does drive home the point that stabilizers are definitely a necessity. PEL has built the stabilizer right in the refrigerator, which would attract their target audience. The ad could have been executed better, without over exaggerating the idea of turning the refrigerator off. Done by Red Communication Arts, the ad does put forward the intention, even tries its level best to generate interest.

Aesthetically, it is slightly above average. The set depicts the target audience appropriately. The wife is a tad bit overdressed for a personal anniversary celebration. It seems she dressed up for a formal party with the whole family rather than a romantic candlelight dinner with the soul mate of her life. 11 seconds into the ad, and OMG, what did I just see? That is apple juice in the wine glasses, right? I hope it is. White drinks would have fared well with the intended target audience, especially Pakistani audience.

Does the ad inform the consumer about the product? Yes. Is it memorable? No. Can it remind other similar brands? Easily. How does the idea rate? Average.

This is the unedited version of the post appearing at HIP on 20 June 2014


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