Domex – A lesson of cleanliness but not purity

domex-logo273x210_tcm114-294498Another Domex ad is on air, equally disgusting as the previous one discussed here. This ad shows a childs toy dropped in a toilet, the mother picks it up with something so as to save her from touching the toilet and then throws the toy away. She expresses discomfort at the ordeal she has just gone through. The neighbour (most probably) who is a doctor implies that the mother is disturbed because of germs and suggests use of domes, after which, as expected, the doctor herself touches the base of the toilet with her bare hands, and hi-fives the child.

I understand Domex is trying to establish that they are so good that the toilet becomes germ free, but the question to wonder is whether it becomes pure or not? Pakistan is a Muslim majority country. One of the lessons we are taught from childhood is of purity (Pakeezgi). We are taught that object seemingly or literately clean might not be pure or “pak” .


As Muslims, we have bigger concerns in touching a toilet. For us it might be germ free, but our hesitation to come in contact with it lies in the concept of  purity. Our level of cleanliness is bigger than just being germ free.So it this ad teaching us the importance of clean toilets, or subconsciously trying to eradicate the sense of pakeezgi instilled in us from childhood.

Being a lecturer, I always teach students about the subtle impacts from the social messages in advertisements. This ad has a subtle yet deep inference, that can change the way we see cleanliness in a few years time. I have a lot more to be offended by Domex, than just disgusting imagery.

P.S. I recommend “Killing Us Softly” to all those who might not believe in long lasting impacts of ads.


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