Tarang – Zara Jhoom Ke…

Here comes the new Tarang ad with Zingagi ke maslon main nai tarang daal ke dekhain. The video shows a home with a husband and wife facing the problem of load-shedding. The solution is to take the tea to the roof and… not just sit and drink tea in peace, but dance, inciting the whole neighborhood to dance.

Well, that’s because all of this is so sensible.  When the power goes, the most logical thing to do is get up on the roof, in the sweltering heat and sun shining bright, and dance holding teacups with tea in them. In ancient greek (read Tarang) mythology, this is supposed to shame the K-electric (or whoever provides you electricity) to restore the power soon. But K-electric (or whoever) is practically un-shame-able, therefore you get used to dancing with the neighborhood and don’t really need to come back once the power is restored.

And thus you have added a tarang to zindagi ke masle. The whole exercise actually fails to stress how the product actually benefits the consumer. Take away from the ad is that you need to dance your problems away, just don’t forget to add an sprinkling of Tarang-fied tea. Tarang does not have any properties left except that it makes people forget their woes and dance. Ssaying that, Tarang does not just seem to be an innocent tea whitener anymore…is it trying to get the consumer drunk?


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