Kenwood Khush Raho

Kenwood’s “Khush Raho” series of ads are all the rage these days. Three ads have surfaced till now (air conditioners, washing machines, kitchen appliances) and all of them are trying to teach imperfections in humans, comparing them to their perfect (or near perfect) machines.

The first ad shows one weak point about men (snoring) , the other two are more focused on imperfect women, and not just necessarily in terms of physical image. The washing machine ad shows the husband covering up for the burnt pocket on his shirt because of carelessness on the part of the wife. The kitchen appliances ad show the husband appreciating the strong points of his wife and accepting her mistake of adding a little too much salt in his food.

In terms of execution, the ads seem forced. On the plus side, the ads are more about humans and less about the products. They are more about making human’s life easier and near to perfect with Kenwood. When other ads are blatantly promoting their product, Kenwood defies all advertising logic and introduces the brand in a very subtle way. The ad is not trying to shock the consumer into believing in the brand, rather the ad presents Kenwood as a reality of life, as something that should be present, and there is no world without Kenwood – just like there is no world without water.

Will we as consumers begin to trust Kenwood? Time and experience will tell. Will we begin to appreciate imperfections in each other? We might. In terms of civic training, the idea has potential.



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