And the story ends…

aThe story that started in September 2011 has come to an end, and a satisfying end. Business school completed successfully. All 7 chapters of this story were exciting, fun-filled and enjoyable.

End of this story brings so many things to a close. It is like some part of my life has shut down, may be to pave way for another part to open up. There would be no more cell phone buzzing with messages before exams. No more frantic calls from friends who want to catch up on class work. No more stressing every week to go to the classes. No more making presentations at the last moment. No more studying hard one day before the exam. No more portal tensions. No more registration nightmares. No more looking forward to a news session. No more wishing that the teacher would leave the class early. Suddenly life has become very much easier…and empty.



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