Blast from the past: Unexpected help in KU

help1One day I had to go to KU admin block. As a teacher there, we had to receive our payments from the accounts department (yes, KU is a bit old fashioned). As I parked my car in the admin parking, one of the tyres went flat. Well actually it was already flat when I entered the parking. Even though I have been driving for quite some time, I have never changed a tyre.

I didn’t even know where to go or who to ask about getting the tyre changed. I asked the accounts person for help. May Allah bless him, he sent his driver out to help me. The driver changed the tyre, and went his way. When I tried to pay him for his effort, he just shrugged it away and said “nahin madam , kesi baatain kar rahi hain”. That was so unexpected in a time, where getting even a small help from anyone is rare.


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