Mobilink Rebranded

I feel estranged with Mobilink Rebranding itself. Being a loyal Mobilink user for 10 years, Mobilink for me is indigo with a classy white and indigo logo, not some freaky red spiral. Mobilink is “Reshaping lives”, something futuristic, not something clichéd like “Har dil, Har din”. Mobilink has always been a class apart, standing proud among the many telcos. Rebranding it with a red sphere brings it down to every other telco.

What’s the deal about ditching the Jazz and Indigo brands in favor of Prepaid and Postpaid? Jazz and Indigo built a relationship with Mobilink, a sense of ownership. You were not a Mobilink prepaid user, you were a Mobilink Jazz user. You were not on Mobilink postpaid, you were a classy Mobilink Indigo user, as unique and sophisticated as the color Indigo. It was a mature brand, speaking heights about its caliber just by the use of colors, fonts and logo. Red is everyone, every other brand.

Mobilink in red is wannabe young. For me as a Mobilink user, I want Mobilink to grow with me, no leave me on an island and go back to party in some strange lands. I want Mobilink to arrange the party on my land, make it promising enough for others to join in. I want my Jazz, I want my Indigo. I want my original Mobilink with it’s own shade of Indigo, not some red colored imposter pretending to be Mobilink,

I, am seriously, seriously, seriously disappointed.

This is my Mobilink


This is the new stranger Mobilink


See, the difference between both? The earlier one is someone you want to be like, the second one is someone trying to fit in yet not being able to do so… Can I have my old Mobilink back?


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