Remembering Aiman – 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days…

20th April is going to haunt us all our lives. It’s been a year since the last 20th April (2012), the fateful day when we lost Aiman to the tragic incident of Bhoja plane crash. Every time there is a flashback, I see Aiman’s coffin, with the words identified written on it, and something grips my heart.  We couldn’t see her face, the coffin was sealed shut. We just have to trust the identity, and pray for her.

We have had lots going on through the year, gatherings, events , marriages, a lot, since life can’t stop. Each event has been hard. There has been merriment, but there has always been an empty space beside us and in our hearts. Previously, had she been not there, we would know she is safely sitting in the sanctity of her home, studying or spending quality time with her friends. Knowing she is not here and are not coming back makes all the difference. She might not be the most talkative person in the sitting, but she would be the person with the sweetest smile on her face. Knowing that smile isn’t there any more makes it all very difficult.

A year might seem long to some, but even a lifetime isn’t enough to mend the broken hearts of the families of the 127 people who lost their lives in the incident. For us this 1 year is 12 months of wishing 20th April never happened, 52 weeks of visiting Aiman’s Facebook page willing her to come back, 365 days of turning around to talk to someone we lost to realize we are never seeing them.

No one knows whether the culprits to the Bhoja plane crash will ever be identified. We might never know whether it was human error or fate. There will be stories and blames, but somehow we will have to wait for the day of judgement to know the truth. We, on our part,  will keep on praying for Aiman and the 126 people beside her. And somewhere deep down inside our hearts we will keep wishing 20th April never happened.

We will visit Aiman’s Facebook page to see her smiling face once again, to relive her memories. Maybe even send her a message or two knowing we are never going to have a Facebook  notification pop up to tell us “Aiman Ikram has commented on your post”.

We still wish that you were here with us, Aiman. But no one can fight Allah’s will. We hope and pray that you be in a much better place than this world, showered with Allah’s blessings, in Jannat ul Firdous in the highest of the ranks. Ameen.


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