The creepy cookie

The other day I asked my dad to bring some biscuits as there was no junk food to munch on in between meals. Being the experimenter he is, he brought tikki packs of Mayfair Smar2 biscuits along with other cookies. I usually do not like Mayfair biscuits because they have a very strong essence, and leave a bad after taste.

Today I decided to let go of my prejudices against Mayfair, and took up the Smar2 biscuits. It is a cream sandwich biscuit with vanilla and strawberry cream (the one I had), something like Rio. The packaging was pink and white with a biscuit drawn, supposedly, in a happy and fun posture with thin arms extending out. Open the pack and the biscuits fall out, 2 cream sandwiches to a tikki pack. And there begins a nightmare.


This biscuit is absolutely CREEPY with a big capital “C”. One cookie has red eyes and white mouth (cut outs in the biscuit allowing the cream to ooze out a bit) , the other has white eyes and red mouth, both equally horrifying. You see those indentations for eyebrows ? So sinister.

Who are the kids who buy this biscuit? I mean, why is it still selling in the market? If I was a child given this kind of a biscuit, I would have nightmares.

Giving the biscuit a persona, if it had been a human it could be

1. The creepy stranger who stalks women

2. A cheaper than Jhonny Bravo version of Jhonny Bravo himself

3. The teenager who stands outside girls’ colleges and whistles at passing girls.

4. A kidnapper

5. A smoothly lying salesman

6. That old woman from Deputy Nazeer Ahmed’s Mirat-ul-Uroos who tricks Akbari into giving all her gold jewellery by telling Akbari that she can get it polished and runs away with the jewellery.

7. A cruel sea pirate

There is nothing smart about Smar2. There is everything wrong about it. I am so horrified with the physical appearance of the cookie that I didn’t even focus on the taste, but yes the essence is as strong as can be. Open the cookie in the room, and the whole room gets to know you have opened a Smar2.

Would you want to try these biscuits?


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