A happening weekend – Papers, Riots, blackouts…

With 3 midterms in one day, and 1 the morning after that at business school, the week was already very busy with preparing for exams. I didn’t only have my midterms, I had scheduled midterms for my students as well, so I had to make 3 papers and study for 4.

Midterm_Mayhem_54693Come Saturday (23 FEb ’13), I went prepared for the first midterm to be held at 9.15. If you call having a class cancelled is funny, funnier is being called out of the exam hall because the teacher forgot to make the paper. Yes, our teacher called us out, took us to the classroom, taught us some previously taught stuff and arranged our paper at 11.15, out of what we had just studied. Brilliant, haan?

Next midterm at 2 went ok, without any glitches. The third one was at 5.15 and the midterm went good again. The teacher decided to teach us after the midterm and namaz. When we reached the classroom, we got to know that someone was murdered outside a mosque at the Korangi crossing. The whole class pleaded to be let off, and to go home, but the teacher refused and we had to study.

The second happening part of the weekend started after class, when dad couldn’t cross the crossing (that sounds Pakistan+Karachi+protest+burning+tyresparadoxical) to pick me from IoBM, because their was a semi-violent protest going on. Men were charging at people and cars with stones and sticks. Got out of IoBM is a friend’s car, but had to come back to IoBM due to piles of tires being torched at a crossing. Then we found someone who was familiar with the lanes of Korangi area opposite IoBM, and followed them throughout the area. With no electricity in the area, unplanned lanes, and many ups and downs, we encountered two motorcycles with six protestors. Thankfully they were just demanding for shops to be shut down, and not attacking passerbys. If there exists a tension meter, it would have exploded had it been present in the car at that time. Finally we reached the point from where the roads were open, and I met my dad there. So , here goes a huge thanks to T.J for helping me out.

blckoutIt was kind of difficult to revise stuff for the last midterm for the very next day(Sunday 24 FEb ’13) after so much tension,so I went to sleep and revised the stuff on the way to IoBM. The paper went fine. Infact the whole day was event less, when out of the blue (because we don’t have load-shedding on Sundays), we had a power breakdown at 11:30 p.m. I was chatting with people, when some of them went offline at the same time. A friend SMSed about a power breakdown being a reason to go offline. I did’t pay any attention to it. I wrapped up my work, and started reading my book, when my cellphone indicated a facebook message. It was A.W. from Malir Cantt, who told me it was the whole country out of power. I was like WHAT?

Reluctantly I changed over to the generator to watch some news. Mom woke up too with the movement in the house, and then me and mom spent some 1 hour watching GEO News live on internet. This was the third happening of the weekend – a power breakdown in the whole country at once. It was a lot of fun on Twitter and Facebook, where people had all kinds of jokes and conspiracy theories. By 1.30 a.m. , me and mom went to sleep and woke up at Fajr to find the electricity hadn’t returned yet. The power cam back at 8.30 a.m. today but went out again at 9 a.m. to be properly restored at 3 p.m., some 16 hours from the initial breakdown, with some areas still facing the breakdown.

So everything happened this weekend, which was kind of a mild roller coaster ride. Lesson learnt once again – this is life, unpredictable, happening.

Signing off…


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