The disgusting low by Domex

domex-logo273x210_tcm114-294498After years of ruling the branded toilet cleaner market  in Pakistan, Harpic now has a competitor, namely Domex. Coming up with a green monster in their launch ad, they have gone to a strong but digusting low.

The new ad shows the main charcter actually touching the toilet bowl (pukes) , and then hi fiving a kid (pukes again). Yes, a KID. Domex is trying to establish a notion that the toilet bowl becomes germ free after using Domex. But this ad is kind of extreme. No one in their sane senses will want to touch something as gross as a toilet bowl, but touching someone else’s hand, especially a child’s, after that  is too gross.

What kind of message is going across?

1. It is encouraging children to test their mother’s already worn out patience by indugling in such an unhygenic activity.

2. It is abosolutely okay to put your hands down the drain, without any qualms.

2. Washing hands is’t necessary after touching toilet bowls.

3. The housewife is a dunce and cannot decide whether her toilet bowl is clean or not . On the contrary every housewife knows that whatever they do, the toilet bowl can not be germ free.

Imagine this ad popping up when you are having lunch. Seeing Harpic was bad enough with its discussion on gross stuff, but domex is downright pukeworthy. It does not make me want to buy the product. I makes me want to avoid even seeing Domex due to the associated imagery.


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