Somethings I have been doing…

I have been having a crafty streak for some time and have been doing many things. Most of them involve fabric as I love stitching. Some involvebaking as part of Baker’s Canvas. I have now started working with fondant, and am discovering the crazy yet fun world of cake decoration.

I have made a notebook cover. My notebook will never be sad now ๐Ÿ™‚




I also made a bracelet with the beads i have had stored for quite a few years for some day like this


I also made myself a bag


On the baking side, I baked my first ever proper fondant cake, and these even got me the first fondant cake order. I hope to do more

734067_10152381234180117_613905650_n 270330_10152381233620117_542716080_n

So that’s whatI have been doing, taking benefit form the luxury of having some vacations before both my work and study semesters started.


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