Chapter 4: A contact fest…

Chapter 4 started at business school. Reaching this level, I have realized MBA is a huge contact fest. Most assignments are designed , not to judge a student’s intellectual capability, but the level of their contacts. Teachers demand you to find out the organizational structure of some organization. Why exactly an organization would share this with someone who claims to be a student at some business institution is beyond my imagination, specially given the highly volatile country situations.

What happens if you go to the reception of an organization and request to meet someone from middle to higher level of management, you will be questioned about your motives and those persons being very busy, will totally reject your innocent request of help. You have a contact in an organization, you are saved. You don’t have one , you are doomed. And this type of idiotic assignment is not even serving any intellectual purpose, except make those who don’t make many friends, or those who are self made enough to reach this level feel inferior.

Beleive me, I have actually heard a teacher tell a student to go to an organization in which he knows someone. “How did you select xyz company”, the teacher says. “I have researched and selected”, says the student. “Do you have any contact in that organization?” The teacher asks. “No”, the student is confused. And the teacher says “How will you even get the related information if you don’t know anyone?” The teacher says incredulously. The whole point of working on a term report is lost at that statement.


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