End of Chapter 2

The brand new story that started last September has progressed to chapter 3.  My results are out and I am pretty much happy with them. The second semester has been fun, specially when I was the only one who likes one of my teachers and the rest weren’t really happy with him.

Mr. AH taught us Statistics and Mathematics. I looked forward to his classes the whole week. I would be the only one waiting eagerly for him to come to the class, while the rest would pray for him to get late, or at the extreme to be absent. Through out the semester, I thought it was my love for maths that made me look forward to the class, but now I have understood what was the factor. He went very fast. He used to go on and on and finish 2 3 topics by the end of the class. He taught at my pace (which I agree would not be acceptable for many). I don’t like when a teacher has given the concept and then drags and drags and drags on the very same thing for hours. Mr. AH was fast, moving ahead and not dragging on. It doesn’t mean he didn’t answer questions, there were students who stopped him, and asked questions and he answered them all. So it wasn’t just my maths freakiness that made me like the class, it was the pace I loved.

Mr. S taught me marketing, and frankly I pretty much did not enjoy the course. It was dragged, papers were too subjective, and the classes were more of a debate match between students.

Chapter 3 started with two advertising courses, which are interesting but demand a lot of effort, which I am actually enjoying. The rest of the two, well, less said, the better 😉 . Just FYI, this all has been written live from the class.

Signing off…


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