Aiman, we miss you…

She recently graduated from the most prestigious engineering university, NED University. She was young, vibrant, full of life. She was my young cousin, my maternal uncle’s daughter. She might be just another person to some; to me, my family and her friends, she was Aiman.

She was aboard the unfateful flight of Bhoja Air going from Karachi to Islamabad. on 20 April 2012. I got the news on Facebook at exact 7:00 p.m. , not knowing Aiman was on that very plane. My grandmother called my mom to give her this devastating news.

At the very minute when her safe arrival call should have come, the call came to tell all was over. The plane had crashed while landing for one reason or the other, leaving 127 victims behinds. After the accident, reasons don’t matter for families. All that matters is that someone they loved and cared for has left them.

For families, 127 isn’t just a number, it isn’t just another statistic. In those 127, at least 1 is their life, their love. And that 1 makes 127 seem something large, something unending. It is a shattered dream, a broken hope.

The accident begins to set in, and suddenly Aiman flashes in the mind and it’s unbelievable again, like a horrifying nightmare. It is hard to read the well meant condolence messages on social networking websites by knowns and the unknowns. Harder still is to follow the passenger list flashing all across the media, finding that one name in the list who was near and dear to her family. Seeing ‘No chance for survivors’ on news suddenly has a very scary and a spine-chilling meaning.

Suddenly the Facebook page that meant someone was there becomes haunting. The smiling profile picture becomes a memory, status updates become history.

This accident told me , how much ever you empathize with others in pain, you can never know the intensity. I had felt sad on the Air Blue crash back in 2010. But today I know how desolate the families feel after the incident.

I never was the one to express my feelings. But today, if there was only one thing I could tell Aiman, I would say “Aiman, please come back, we miss you, we love you”. If there was one prayer , about which I knew for sure that it would be answered, I would say “Allah taala, please send Aiman back, alive and unscathed”. If there was one thing I was given the chance to do, I would bring Aiman back.

Aiman, you are being missed and will always be missed 😥 .Somewhere deep down inside, I wish you can come back, and I will keep wishing the same for the rest of my life; we all would, your parents, your brother, your family, your friends.

May Allah grant you the best of his blessings and the best of the the places in Jannat ul Firdous, accept all your good deeds and forgive any negligence as if it never happened. Ameen


8 thoughts on “Aiman, we miss you…

  1. being from NED, i have personally known aiman…she was one year junior to me …A very very nice girl…May Allah grant her jannah…i feel that to get into NED and graduate from there…it takes a lot on the student’s part as well as the parents part…I m really very sad…..i can feel wat her parents wud be going through…wat a talent….Rest in peace sister…..! Waqas from USA

    1. I hope all her classfellows , juniors and seniors have only good memories of her. She truly was a nice person and equally nice friend to have.

  2. I know Aiman only by name , that too after this tragedy, as one of your cousins ayesha shams is a friend of mine, For the first time in my life i met someone who lost a close one in a tragic accident, its so sad that we read about killings and crashes and disregard it as routine and statistics, first time I heard in first person what a family goes through when something like this happens, what the relative who goes to bring in the deceased feels like, it really shook me , No one can claim to understand the pain the family feels but if it is any solace for you many of us prayed for her here in Saudi.

    1. Every prayer made for Aiman, will Inshallah benefit her in her eternal journey. Please remember her in your prayers.

  3. may ALLAH grant her the highest darjah of jannah (ameen!)… and strengthen her parents to bear this loss and have patience ameen!

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