Random kindness…

KindnessI had business school today. I was supposed to be getting results for hourlies (which weren’t announced). I woke up late, I started off for IoBM late, even though it was just by 5 minutes.

My and my father, whom I lovingly call Baba, were driving to IoBM, when the front tire went flat halfway through the journey. Everything had been going wrong. By the time we should have been on Shahrah-e-Faisal, we were still some 10 minutes away from it. Baba started changing the tire, which is a tough task, especially at Baba’s age.

He was loosening the screws of the tire, when out of nowhere a person came and started helping without saying any word. He was one of those people who transport ice blocks on smalls trolleys. He told y father to step aside, and took over the task, changed the wheel, tightened the screws and checked them all once to make sure they were tight.

I was all the time thinking that we should pay him for what he has done, but as soon as Baba thanked him, he got up silently, picked up his trolley and went on his way without even listening about getting some payment or reward for his kindness.

It was early morning on weekend, with almost no traffic. There wasn’t any chance of getting help from anyone, given the fear we face daily. Allah Taala sent someone with a kind heart, who just wanted to help and not earn money. When everything was kind of going wrong, this simple yet random act of kindness made my day. I pray that Allah Taala made that person’s day a good day as well. When I have many negative stories around me, one positive one kind of fades the negative ones away.


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