The sparks of my life

For a long time, I have been wanting to list down things I live for, the ones enjoy when I am not moping about the one I don’t. This is going to be reference list for all the things I should be thankful for, which I have always taken for granted. Here goes my list, not necessarily in the order listed.

1. A teaspoonful of cake batter , especially chocolate cake.

2. Feeling the steering wheel move back into position after taking a sharp turn or changing tracks at a high speed.

3. Fast paced action thrillers (novels)

4. Oversleeping on the occasional holiday I get.

5. Cutting in front of that looser who thinks he can break my speed just because a) he is male b) he is driving a better car than mine .

6. A hot cup of coffee

7. Coming to a sliding stop on marble floors

8. The look of awe on people’s face when I do something unexpected yet different

9. My students’ respect for me ( I guess they do <pondering>)

10. Word games

11. Shopping (obviously, I am a girl 😛 )

12. Food photography

13. Day dreaming

14. Gadgets – reading about them, owning them, in that order

15. GUI of various software – I fall in love with software

16. Karachi University , all things KU


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