Thanks to my teacher…

TeacherIt was 2004, my third year at BS(CS) and we were assigned Mr. A as our Networking I teacher. I take these moments and these lines to thank you Mr. A.

I was one of the students who wanted to get a reallocation for the course. We wanted to learn from another person. When everyone backed off, I and another friend still kept going to the head of the department to get a verdict on our application. These lines aren’t about my imbecility, these are about what I learned from you.

You knew that I was pursuing the application with zeal. The reason I say so is because such activities can’t remain hidden. You knew that because you were a teacher, and teachers know. Now that I am a teacher myself, I realize how much we had hurt you.

You knew I did not want you to teach me. I was afraid I would fail because of my naivety and going against a teacher, and that is the greatest reverence for a student. I was sure that you won’t let me clear the paper. After all , it was you who had to mark them. You had every chance of ruining my academic record. You had it in your hand, you could have used it against me.

Yet, you did not let the application come in between. You did not use your power as a teacher to punish me. I never could have thought I will ace your paper and get the highest marks.You were fair, a quality very rare in people.

Mr. A. I never got the chance nor the courage to say this. Today, I want to say sorry for my behavior. You truly are a great person. Of all the lessons I learnt from my teachers, this was the greatest. To this day I feel proud that I was your student, that I had the chance to learn a great lesson from you. Whenever I reflect back on my course, I never remember the course. I always recall the level headed person I got to know, the person who did not let his hurt affect a student’s record.

Thank you very much, Mr. A. May Allah shower His blessings on you, where ever you are. Ameen.


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