End of chapter 1

Books 4 months ago, I started my brand new story at IoBM. Semester 1 ended yesterday, with the last exam for that semester. Over 4 months of ups and downs, hourlies and assignments, a pathetic term report and my life’s worst ever class presentation (ok, I wasn’t in the mood to present), the semester is finally over.

I expected MBA to be real tough, as I had heard from a number of people. I expected I would have to spend a lot of time on my studies, and lots of efforts.

Expectations failed. The last time I put in my utmost effort into my studies was my 3rd year at BS (CS). Maybe I’ll be doing the same in the upcoming semesters. Keeping my fingers crossed, and hoping it stays this easy all the way to the end.

The wait for results is on, and I hope I do not disappoint myself. I can’t bear a low grade. One, it would be a blow to my previous good results. Two, it’s pretty hard coughing up another 10 grand to improve on a course (fine, that’s one 😛 ).

Looking forward to chapter 2 at IoBM, signing off.


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