Being underestimated…

You wake up in the morning, feeling excited. You get ready, collect your stuff, wait for the van, reach the institute for the well prepared presentation you are supposed to do that day.You reach before time and spend the last half an hour discussing the minute details with your team.

You have the hard copy of the presentation. You have it on the flash drive. On the safe side , you also have uploaded it somewhere on the internet. For that matter, you even have it on your cell phone.

On your turn, you get up confidently, connect your flash drive and WHAM! All folders vanish before your eyes. Your teacher mocks your inherent capabilities of troubleshooting (specially when at your workplace, you actually look after similar stuff), and calls upon one of the “guys” in the class to resolve this “IT” matter, without even giving you a chance at recovering from the problem. The mouse present at an angle that hides the screen from your eyes does not help. Neither does the fact that some 40 people are staring wide eyed at your dilemma and hiding their snickers.

You try using the institute’s wifi connection to download the file, and the connection starts acting lousily at that very instant. You file does not download completely, and the teacher postpones your presentation to the next week. Tough luck.

Sheer disappointment throughout but the thing that hurts most is being underestimated…


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