A little bit of everything…

One month, five weeks worth of classes, full time job, no break and I’m still alive. Life has gotten tough, but I guess this what I was tempting fate with when I said I want to see how much tired can I feel. So guys, don’t tempt fate with things you actually don’t want to happen – because as a general rule, fate is intelligent, has a twisted sense of humor and does not get enticed towards things you do want to happen in your life.

Classes are a lot different than what I expected them to be. 5 classes and one hourly later, I still say it isn’t hard (and that is not for you, fate). The hard part is getting up early every day of the week, sometimes for job and other times for IoBM, apart from fearing a pay cut for every Saturday I take leave from job. Government of Sindh , can you please approve 2 holidays a week to relieve me of this concern?

On my work end, there is a whole lot of this audit thingy going on since some 15 days. I feel as if I’m not working on settlements, I am studying a new course. Whatever format I follow, there is always some point to change. I think the auditor is experimenting on various document formats, and hasn’t yet decided which one he likes the best. Or maybe he is just following the look busy do nothing paradigm. Ok, ok, maybe there actually is some lacking in the documents, but it is much more fun to blame the auditor guy. Owning up mistakes isn’t really fun, or is it?

Ok guys, that’s pretty much enough of ranting today, signing off.


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