Let’s start a brand new story

And no I am not talking about the 90s Boyzone hit. Here I am , once again a student at a business school. My brand new story commences with a missed orientation session. For someone as organized as me, this is a first. I don’t know what this missed session means for the days ahead, but then there is a lot I don’t know yet.

I feel anxious and jittery which is pretty strange for me. Maybe that’s due to a 2 year break between my studies, may be the schedule scares me. If you knew my schedule, you would also be contemplating on the fact that what have I gotten myself into.

I think I was possessed. Or maybe I was too enthusiastic some three months ago but I can’t find the same zeal now. Or maybe this is just a phase and I’ll actually begin to like and look forward to the course once I start. I’ll reach the answer tomorrow and I sure hope it’s a positive one. Actually I’d hate to realize I have put in my efforts for nothing, so I rekon I’ll convince myself to reach a positive decision which translates into “I’ll be pestering my  non existent (ok one or two, I shouldn’t be underestimating myself) readers with my tales and rants from the business school”.

Looking forward to the ups and willing to maneuver around the downs towards more ups, signing off.


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