I teacheth thou…


With my dual qualification in Computer Science and Advertising, I have had the privilege to teach students of both the fields. In my 4 years of teaching experience at a state university and a private sector university, I have met various students. These are some that capture my attention.

  1. Ms. Know-It-All

She thinks she has complete control of whatever subject she studies. Her head cocked to one side, the smug look on her face, her don’t care attitude all start getting on your nerves five minutes into the class. Try and maintain an eye contact with the student, and you will be going through your facts in mind to make sure you are saying the right thing. She has this talent to make you recheck your knowledge as soon as the class ends and that too without saying anything.

  1. Mr. Activist

He is normally found at the state university and belongs to one of the many political parties present at the campus. He is the one who although will generally be not present in the class but will be known to everyone. He expects good grades regardless of the illegible content he writes in the answer copy. Try to snub him and your life becomes hell. You may be threatened. Or learn that you failed him because you belong to the opposite party when even your farishtas don’t have an inkling about your political inclinations let alone belonging to one.

  1. Mr. Absentee

He is not your average absentee. He is special. He is a genius. He rarely attends the classes and has the most bizarre excuses ready, but somehow manages to do well in exams. You can’t decide between whether to punish him for his absence or reward him for doing well.

  1. Ms. Seeker

You prepare for the questions you can be asked in the class, and she is the one who comes with the most unusual and un-askable question. You ask the class to write three benefits of classes in object oriented programming and she will be one to ask if it would be ok to write five because she has studied five benefits. She can find a question even in the simplest direction.

  1. Mr. Self-important

You are doing something important, and your cell rings. It’s a message. You open your cell to find something similar to these

“May I know my marks in C lang plz”

“Miss, did you receive my project report?”

“Ma’am, I will be absent today, I had an accident”

There is nothing wrong in the message except, the messages do not have a name. FYI, my telepathic powers are on leave, and I don’t save or memorize numbers of all 200+ of my students. Have mercy on me, add your name too.

  1. Mr. Cell Addict

Come rain or shine, he can’t be separated from his cell phone. He is more interested in propagating jokes via his cell in class than the lecture going on. He knows all the secret codes of his cell phone, but cannot write the C language code to solve the quadratic equation.

  1. Ms. Apple of the eye

She is the best of student specie. Teachers love her and classmates hate her, both for the same reasons. She asks intriguing questions in classes. She is devoted to her studies. She not only completes assigned tasks on time, she puts in her best and comes up with ideas so brilliant and unique that the marking bar is automatically raised, hence the apprehension from her classmates. She isn’t just parhakoo, she knows how to enjoy. She also manages to participate in extracurricular activities with the same enthusiasm she deals her studies with.

These are some of the characters I meet every day. Teachers, who else do you see in your pupils? Students, who do you identify most with?


2 thoughts on “I teacheth thou…

  1. That was great. I read ur article about veil in Tribune. then i came to know about ur other blogs. Our religion is positive, only thing that we need is its positive representation.

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